Lyrics : No Love


But imma punch in when it's time, I'm high as a b*t*h right now. How I'm supposed to win, prayin for a loss

How I'm supposed to win? When they keep praying on my loss?

Steppin in Amiri $1300 for the cost. He thinkin' I won't rob him just because I got a bag
I drop the ski mask and put this 40 on his ass

This some real life sh*t I speak real life pain. Got designer but no car, you a real life shame

Hold on, let me tell my sh*t cuz imma go, preachin' when I'm rappin' I'm tryna let the city know

I can never turn around and shoot my dog free lil mans, he tried to take my life, probably send him back to heaven

I'm trying to send a n***a where my mama at, I'm hoppin' out in all black in thе Honda Civic, why you talkin' sh*t? And you ain't even live it. n***as claim thеy steppin' but ain't even killed sh*t

They say that my opp died, I'm wondering who did it? Too on guard for the hood, I be playing my position

All this money comin' in, I can't lose. They say rob think he the best I might do. If you see me clubbin' no steppin on my shoes

Po they ain't let me in, and I'm thuggin with my chew

One false move could be your last. They try to put lil mover, but lil Ricky did the dash

This some real life sh*t, this was only last night. Nicky tryna call my phone b*t*h you know I'm alright
This is nothin' new to me, I be with the foolery. I be paranoid, I think they plannin' on shooting me

Oh, he on steroids, bullets gonna rip through his artery. I know that I'm finna blow, I'm a young prodigy

They know we ain't from the stop, Plug got us f**ked up. If the car run out of gas, only time they look up

I been speaking to the world, I'm just hopin that they hear. And they know I hit the gas, lil homie in the rear, view

Speakers too loud, I can't hear, you

Think it's sweet to run up, I might kill shh. No time for inditement, cousin locked up only thing he do is writin, fightin

Raiders hit the hood blicks and fastin and some lightning. AR in my bag, but they might think I'm going hiking

And I keep the strap cuz they know that my cousin diking. We ain't poppin' billy silly perc. Percy hit em driving

Whole nother level, dancing with the devil. Ain't f**king with the government, told you that I'm a rebel

Told you when I spill my heart that you gonna fill it. Don't even ask to hit my car cuz I got Percy all in it

Lean walk stop, ooh I was showin love won't show no more. I don't know who shot. No interrogation, don't f**k with cops