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Blood walk
You know n*ggas just now learn how to bloods talk
Why did you mad hell made a n*gga p*ssed off
But im up now pass touchdown is a touch dance
Slow gon bounce back
Going to the final u gonna (?)

Blood walk
Independent braggin b*tches fascinated how the bloods talk
$30,000 for a brick on the split drop a dub off
You in love with the b*tch but to us shes a jump off
Who put you n*ggas on the set
Showed you n*ggas how to blood walk
On the Henny getting faded
Gang related
Shot the party up and skated
Throw the gang up
Gang sign on your gang drugs
Gang Gang all the homies brackin
If you ain't from the town, touch down, and better tap in
Finger on the trigger, it ain't no lackin
Real life, this ain't no challenge
These 223s will cause damage
Long red belt
Red strings
Blood walkin on stage
I swear to God i must've had the soul and be praised
Gettin high in my Damu ride
Thats on the set
Any sign of fear, we takin the chain right off your neck n*gga
Where you from?
You dont bang?
Where your momma stay?
My n*ggas is foul the bring that chopper where your momma stay
Scandalous, n*ggas can't stand us
My lil n*gga ES wit the BS he from Memphis
Shooters from the Biddy Gang slidin down
Pull up and get busy we ain't wit that instagram sh*t
Thuggin in the jungles
In the families
My n*ggas havin paper walk around wit $50,000

Blood walk