Lyrics : sh*t Creek

Some say he's up sh*t creek
Dusted on crack, coke and tweak
He’s aging ten years every week
He stood still and never ran
Looking for himself in that garbage can
Living with opportunities blown
The company he keeps leaves him all alone
No cure and no way to heal
A forgettable past and a bad deal
He gave up on himself, they gave up on him
He's up sh*t creek and doesn't know
How to swim
Throwing away that paddle in your hand
He’s up sh*t creek, his life didn't go as planned
Some look to yesterday, 'cause tomorrow looks too bleak
That's what happens when you're living on sh*t creek
A life he didn't ask for, a life he didn't choose
I leave him alone, 'cause he’s got nothing left to lose
Letters to himself he keeps on writing
Refusing to live but keeps on fighting
You can see some of yourself in him
When you’re up sh*t creek will you know how to swim?