Lyrics : Untitled 02*

*lyrics from snippet*

I still gotta house in the hills imma stay in, come around june
My baby ask me where im going, why you leaving to soon
Ice on my neck look like it snow when i want Ps in the room
Up the drac' get to hittin at yall
Send a diss, get yo child involved
Hit it off like a volleyball
100 shooters surroundin' yall
A whole lotta n***as say that switch, xan lookin wild to yall
Ate me up like a sour straw
This 40 go round applause
You ain't no cold blooded killer you can ask a n***a
I creep in a cocoon, like a caterpillar
These internet n***as, be ass on twitter
Something gonna happen if i go get the drac'
Got stabbed with a-