Lyrics : Thou Shall Not

Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?
Thou Shall Not, you tal-
Ah, Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?
Thou Shall-
Grrt, grrt, grrt, Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?
Thou Shall-
Grrt, grrt
Huh, hey, hey shoot-, uh, hey shoot-

Xanman, the bar man, swinging this .40 like Tarzan
Car ran right through a tree
Kept everything in the street, XD out the Jeep
Damn bruh, like, who looking for me?
ARP leave him dead
Hit a baby four times in the head, I’m Stunna4Vegas
Walk, I'ma creep like a Raven
Got two Glocks on me, I caught his ass wit' Kylie and Caitlyn
They want me rap like J. Cole
My niggas shipping the packages more than Jeff Bezos
Are you the man? Grrr
His face showin’, he need a rescue pack, I'ma call up Diego
Kick door, move, what happen?
I’m charged up for this rap shit, they call me NASA
Chopper got a Heatseeker, I don’t see a data
Bitch, trap Steve Urk', but yo' family don't matter
Upping the glizzy like, "Who these niggas?"
Niggas be tippin’ like Blues Clues, nigga
All lives matter, except you, nigga
This ain’t a college, accept who nigga?
CeeLo Green, Forget You, nigga
Two Glock .40’s, I’m Deadpool, nigga
He dropped the location, where to, nigga?
Trap house guarded by Pit bulls, nigga
Big full Wock, no Red Bull, nigga
Kick door move, I'ma get you niggas
Big Dracos, no pistols, nigga
Kick through his ass, Jujitsu, nigga
Big 'Xan went up like an elevator
Never had Halloween, shoot at 7th graders
Breep, beep
Bitch, that’s the respirator
Don’t say a word, get down, you a meditator
Big Kaydo got the stick, you know he don’t mess around
I been fucked up in prison, I'm back in town
I got the Smith, I will shoot shit over seven pounds
One Direction in my hood, niggas Harry Styles
My mother sold water in the trench, we don’t carry towels
I pulled up tryna serve him, he nervous
Kaydo got the drake, a nigga try to hurt me?
Throw a chair at a bitch, jury
Jury, jury, haha

Bah, bah
You talkin' to-
Huh, Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?
Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to-
Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?
Thou Shall Not, you tal-
Brrt, Thou Shall Not, you talkin' to whom?