Lyrics : Rise Up*

*lyrics from snippet*

n***as be tippin, n***as really b*t*hes
Up the drac', Depending on how im feelin'
Do a diss, Got a n***a like Krillin
Im tryna (?), Like im krillin'
Choppa make him dance, he doing the triller
I hold my own water, you can't hold your legs up
3 Way me, an opp talkin from prison
f**k school, i dont know sh*t bout a prism
Theres a snake in the grass, better watch for the pigeons
Lil n***a, you get shot like some insulin
n***as dont got no bodies, they a skinny b*t*h
5 band jugg dont need it, i send a hit
f**k RP's, I Start taking riddalin
Choppa make him dance, (?)