Lyrics : “I’m Not Creative.”

Woah chill, watch yo attitude
Torched up like it’s Minecraft like what you finna do
Mob ties wit my bros, don’t make em take aim at you
Acting, rapping n***as capping buying streams and lying to you
Thin tightrope
Fight Night
Bare knuckles mode
In the water & she bite back for a n***a too
Sweet Wood pack
No thraxx
Pushed that, huh
Bink, Blop, go Blam! like
Mike Frenchy n***a
Really couldn’t wait for a n***a to come and test me n***a
All I ever wished was the best
Why you hex me n***a?
Raised on the Gospel Hill side wit the beef tips
Baptist Churches
Parents divorces
f**k it, had to make it
Hard work? don’t get yo words bent
Had to get it urgent
Quick, now
f**k a 2%
n***a i’m finna free the whole cow
f**k all of that twitter beefing Ima sit ya ass down
Had to make a statement then i’ll pull up to yo damn house
Running like a centipede, talk sh*t i’ll shut yo damn mouth
Big tiddy
Toilet cleaning
sh*t scrubbing ass b*t*h
Mad cause a young n***a living
b*t*h ass n***a
Red shirt to the funeral
Like what n***a
Oh that’s
20 on my pump n***a
Stuck n***a
f**k n***a I’m done
Bad energy
Had to let ‘em get to me to know they’ll never get to me
I done been the better person every shot a mystery
Missing me a common thing cause ima treat a human right
f**k that
I’ma pop this
f**k a Kickback
n***as really cool wit X but they don’t know The Kid yet
Hotbox the studio, we gassed out the closet
Neighbor got a contact, n***as too obnoxious
Came from in the projects, making noise and problems
No that sh*t ain't new to me been knew what n***as do to me
That buddy buddy ended back in June when I was jumping off
And that’s a whole 'nother point
Ima let you n***as prosper don’t get it twisted boy
Play wit me, it ain’t a toy
Yeah aight get back to joy