Lyrics : A Popsong

My record company phoned me today
They said we're running out of product
We need something to play
Just a two minute song
A snazzy middle eight
Get some AM FM action in the Untied States

Now the agency that handles all my affairs
Said we're running out of time
We ain't got any time to spare
Better write a pop record
With a modern spin and hook
If the muse don't hit you you're off our books

We want a pop song
Write a pop song
We need a pop song
Oh nod

Hell's bells
Buckets of blood
You got me reaching for my tranquilizers
Too late to start
It's much too soon to stop
Why don't you book another act
To play a 20 minute

I don't know why everybody is making all this fuss
Why don't you switch the television on
I think I've had enough
Back on our TV the advertising damn dropped me
Here comes the music to sell the stock

It's just a pop song
Another pop song
Well it's a pop song
Oh no
It's just a pop song to fixate your mind
It's a pop song
It's just a pop song you hear every day
A pop song