Lyrics : Zookeeper*

B*t*h, I blow down yo gang, like a ceilin' fan
Bust down, Gucci robe cost me?a?hunnid bands
Academic bullets,?when they spray, they might hit?the fan
That b*t*h turn creepy, she gon' follow me on 4chan
Uh, that b*t*h a creep
Drop like 900 onna Jeep
Wet up the block, y'all know I'm fifty deep
Can't f**k a b*t*h wit no stanky a** V
Roll down the window, issa driveby
59-99, bullet flyin' sky high
Puss a** boy, really lookin' like a shy guy
Glock wit a d**k, you gon' give the d**k a high five

[Verse 2: TD GlizZzy]