Lyrics : ThisFinnaBLit 777

Yuh, aye
Yuh, yuh, aye

Tag, f**k up, it's a track runner
Wanna run up, but you bad, brother
You is wack, uh huh, b*t*h you jacked
B*t*h you smack, on us, you a rat, wa**up
Carryin? all of my black choppas, with a bat gunner
B*t*h I'm back, wa**up, (Uh)
Shots headed at my boys, best get the stick that's on me
?Cause I'mma pull up, and I'm gonna shoot you in the bone
So I'm gettin' back, all your friends say they're goin' back home
Like a backwood, I know, and it's bad what I know, (Uh, yuh, yuh)

Aye, ?Cause I?m back