Lyrics : Rockstars 2*

One more Perc!
Ahh, f**kin' that b*t*h wit a stick on my lap
You get clapped, run?up?my racks, do?a lap
I'm with yo b*t*h, she?get sticky like sap
Bam, bam, shots like damn
Relay race, feel like Tay K, cuz I did the f**kin' race
Talkin' on gang, get whacked wit a mace
Ayy, ayy
F**kin' that bih, turn her gay, ayy

Just pop one more Perc, so my d**k don't hurt
Put in all this work, so I'm on the network
B*t*h my net worth higher than your whole life worth
F**k this b*t*h so hard that she think she givin' birth
B*t*h I'm off my 5th Perc, and I'm feelin' like Kurt

F**k, school, I'm just too cool for that sh*t
F**kin' it up, in a trap, wit a b*t*h
Wet up the block wit a Ruger, it hit
Came with a Glock, and yo gang finna dip
Hit Avviane, cuz the bands on ice now
F**k a lil' b*t*h, yall knew I can pipe down
In a G Wagon, wit a b*t*h, can't bite down
Bite down, geekin' off the Molly, can't pipe down