Lyrics : Million Dollar Drop Out*

We been hittin' stains, inna rain
Turn up, wit the sh*t, let em bang
Uh, got my?hunnids?inna bank
Uh, backwood?fulla stank
Uh, mm, yeah, uh, woah
Gang, gang, gang
Eshkett**, woah

Brand new car, wit a brand new engine
VVS diamonds, they be shinin? on my necklace
Walk in this b*t*h, while I'm geeked, I get reckless
I'mma million dollar drop out, I jus hop out the Lexus
I?mma million dollar drop out, and I'm f**kin' all my exes
I'mma million dollar drop out, and I'm totin' Smith & Wessons
I'mma million dollar drop out, b*t*h I - b*t*h I keep my weapons
I'mma million dollar drop out, And I f**k a b*t*h in Texas

B*t*h, I do keep my lil Blicky my hip
And my b*t*h ain? a thot, but that b*t*h got some hips
No, my b*t*h ain? a sl*t, but my that b*t*h got some lips
I might jus have to f**k, cuz that b*t*h is too thick
I said, brrt, uh, bang it out, bang it out
Put a hundred mil in my bank account
I done came from the jets, but I made it out, made it out
F**k whatchu talkin', whatchu sayin? now, sayin' now
Uh, I'm gon' hit a stain, in the rain
Put a hundred mil, in my bank
Xannies, b*t*h, I keep em all in tanks
Backwood, full of f**kin? stank, (Full of f**kin' stank!)