Lyrics : Lawbreakers (Busted!)

B*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h

I'm a motherf**king lawbreaker, smoking jawbreaker
You a motherf**king muckraker, I?m a pilltaker
Let's be motherf**king filmmakers, I'm a troublemaker
Who you?re motherf**king caretaker? Smoke on icebreaker
A-a-artificial pacemaker, I'm a risktaker
See my face up on the newspaper, I'm a lawbreaker
My sh*t swerve another hundred acres, I'm a matchmaker
Who you motherf**kin' testin', I'm a f**kin' codebreaker

W-w-what you need me for? I don?t even know you
What I need to show you? F**kin? nothin', worthless stupid hoe
You do not even know you, where you go though?
You want me to show you? No, I ain?t below you
Who you know though? In the floor below you
While your sister blow you, take a photo
At my f**kin' show, you faggot a** b*t*h roku
Who's the hoe though? I'mma tap before you
She play you like goku, in my dojo
Lookin? like a folk who ain't been in the smoke room
Look like dodo, 'cause nobody know you
Ain't nobody spoke to

TD Glizzy in this b*t*h, with a patek on my wrist
Wet diamonds, let them shine, in the light up in this sh*t
Undertook, I'mma open up the pu**y like a book
Nanny crook, that pu**y done left me motherf**kin' shook
Take a look, I'mma hit you with a f**king left hook
Inglenook, I'mma burn you, like I am a f**king cook
TD Glizzy keep a strap, drag your body 'cross the map
TD Glizzy keep a motherf**kin' blicky, let it clap

I think you hungry for attention, hold you up, stay in suspension
B*t*h, I am back for redemption, and I got a f**kin' weapon
GSNTD, I'm reppin', pu**y, who the f**k you testin'
Pu**y, who the f**k you pressin', all you b*t*hes need a lesson
B*t*h, my choppa is my blessin', it's a rancher, just like dressin'
Pu**y boy, who am I less than? I don't got a Smith & Wesson
Pu**y b*t*h, don't want no action, you know time is of our essence
B*t*h, my clip is on a mission, don't you try to ask no questions

What you askin'? You gon' end up in a motherf**kin' casket
Don't you risk it, I got clips upon clips, up inside this basket
Got a blunt, and you know that I'm keepin' a f**kin' gasket
Got a choppa, and you know that I am not afraid to blast it
I keep the tuck, so I'm knockin' you the f**k off the bracket
No don't test, pu**y boy, 'cause you is just a faggot
And nobody f**k with you, 'cause you a leech, you a maggot
B*t*h I'm bustin' a choppa, and totin' pistols with pa**ion