Lyrics : 45 Bars

Hop, in the phantom, b*t*h it's feelin' like Halo
Demon in the streets, tell my b*t*hes?I'mma?angel
Check the payroll,?rich a** jit wit a Draco
10?thotties, in a day, you jus f**k the same hoe
Uh, b*t*h I walk in with my racks up
If I wet the block, then you better call for backup
Puss a** b*t*h, you know I'mma rob him from the neck up
Shots to his brain, think a bludda need a checkup
B*t*h boy, call you a dog, you a female
Watch me sellis crack, like sum ma'f**kin' retail
Show you the receipt, look up at the f**kin' details
Hinges on my door, but it only got three nails
Hinges onna door, but it only got three screws
Run up onna block, choppa eat him like some seafood
All this crack dealin' got my ma'f**kin' teeth loose
Sip onna act, like it's ma'f**kin' G2
Real a** boy, choppa blow you like a fan
I can't f**k no b*t*h, if she actin' like a fan
Choppa cook his a**, like a burnin' hot pan
If you try to rob, off yo life, you gon' get banned
F**k on his b*t*h, she gon' need an abortion
Give that f**kin' whole pack, cuz I don' want jus a portion
Run off wit this choppa, we start an extortion
We came wit a blick, blow you outta proportion
And if you cannot feel pain, then I force it
Call up my homies, we got re-enforcements
Exclamation point, I'mma caution
You gon' get burnt, we get to torchin'
I'm inna club, and I'm offa the morphine
Where do I put the body, inna storage
Hello, where you runnin' to, there ain' no home
Stabbin' a pu**y, jus like I'm in rome
She got no home, but she givin' me dome
Too high, I just can't spell like tome
Whoa, you can't see me, I'm like houdini
Yo b*t*h a freak, she gon' suck onna teamy
Bought her a Patek, she call me Avicii
Suck onna d**k, like a ma'f**kin' leachy