Lyrics : The Visitor

"Who is this mighty man outside
The one who killed the trolls?
Will he be staying here tonight
Or turning where the thunder rolls?"
"The thunder rolls whereever I
Travel on my way
Tonight I will be here don't cry
Save you are to stay"
"You are a lord that I can see
A god you are as well
What is your mighty name to be?
This you're bound to tell"
"I'm Thor, the mighty god
The lord of rain and storm
Now build a fire
For feast it shall be warm"
"There is no feast we have no meat
Mylord, I am afraid to say
Hunger will be in our seat
There is no feast today"
"My goat will give a live for all
So we have all we need
I'll kill it now, a roast, I call
My friend, for us you'll bleed
Don't break a bone of him tonight
Not the smallest one you'll harm
If you do, you little wight
The mighty Thor will not be calm"
"Delicious is the meal for us
The marrow I would greed
I'll break a little bone and thus
Fullfill my baneful need"
The mighty Thor revived his friend
In the morning with his hammer
To bring him to the Aesirs land
In the used and wonted manner
"Who broke his leg the night before?
I told you not to do
I told you what will be afore
My rage now comes to you"
The goat's alive again but lame
One of you has harmed a bone
One of you is bearing blame
He will be punished, he alone"
"I was the one I broke the leg
My lust was just too big
I fear there is no use to beg
To your decision I will stick"
"Thjalfi you will follow brave
On each and every way
No matter how your soul will crave
For each and every day"