Lyrics : In The Sign Of The Wizard

When you feel the strong winds you can feel the
Power of the gods. And you see the magic man riding
On his black horse. Yeah with him they are coming:
The legion of doom
With power and glory we are fighting for the gods
Harder and faster, together we are riding

In the sign of the wizard we are on the way
In the sign of the wizard we'll bring the change
In the sign of the wizard

See the flag covered with blood
With blood we have sworn the eternal oath
Make the sign, cross your arms, come with us to the gods
Raise your fists and fight for it that your
Dreams become real
Hear the gods are calling you. They will give you their
Mighty energy. Fear the wizard and hear him now. For
Then you will see the light of the gods

Stand together as one man. Don't let anyone oppres you
We will not run and hide away. Noone on earth
Will ever change us. With the help of our gods
We will come to the promised place