Lyrics : The Most Important Thing In The World (Memento Mori)

One day you'll look up at the ceiling above, if you?re lucky you'll be surrounded?by?the ones that?you love, when
The lights in your?eyes fade and life flashes by
One day you're going to die
One day you?ll sleep and you'll never wake again
Heaven, hell, nirvana, nothing, no one knows how it ends
Rest in peace or pieces and won't even know why
One day you're going to die

Read your horoscopes, your palms and tarot cards
Either way you destination ain't that far
You could drown, or choke, or burn, or be hit by a car
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but something will eventually
One day you'll look back at the life that you lead
No more future left to fear that you'll have the past to regret
But your worries will be over when you truly realize that one day you?re going to die
Take it away, hands

In the fabric of time, and in the vastness of space, a billion amounts to nothing in infinity?s face
At most a couple generations will remember the ways in which your life never mattered, so who cares if it's a waste?
One day you?ll be not even a faint memory
No, at most a ghost or falling leaf from your family tree
Your history's not yours to see, nor is your eulogy
You'll never know what this sh*t means
But you'll be at peace before you sleep if you just keep this in mind: that everything and everyone goes with the pa**age of time
So whether it?s cancer, murder, or suicide