Lyrics : Laplace’s Angel (Hurt People? Hurt People!)

Have you ever died in a nightmare?
Woke up surprised you hadn?t earned your fate?
Have you?ever?felt like Atlas
Threw?your back out on the axis
And?collapsed and threw the planet away?

Everyone?s just blood in an?ice?tray
A?vampire picking flowers?out in the?sun
Run your diagnostic tests, its posited
Nobody dies agnostic
But we still dial 9-1-1
Now we?re singing

Ooh, could you take a look at me?
(It?s the norm for animals. It?s the norm for chemicals.)
Am I bad, am I bad, am I bad, am I really that bad?
(It?s the norm for particles. Eye for eye for tooth.)
Ooh, whatever you think of me;
(It?s the norm for chemicals. It?s the norm for particles.)
If you were in my shoes
(Yes, it?s only natural.)
You?d walk the same damn miles I do

We?re only tuning to the tone of the bell curve now
Ask not for whom it tolls
But with my head up in the clouds
I can see so much ground
And from up here you look like ants in a row