Lyrics : The Shockmaster’s Debut

Ric Flair: As promissed...

Sid: (To Davey Boy Smith) I want you to shut your stinking mouth...
(To Sting) You to shut up...
(To Flair) And you do me a favor and shut your stinking mouth also!

Flair: Hey! They were gonna tell us, before you get carried awey (That's just how he said it), who their special tag-team partner is, brother! You better cool down!

Sid: Now you shut up! I'll cool down when I want to!
Sting, it seems to me that if you was as smart as you act like you are, you wouldn't waited this close to War Games to tell everybody who your partner is!

(The British Bulldog interrupts him)

Sid starts an argument and the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith (DBS) shouts:

DBS- Sting and I want to tell all the people who the secret partner is gonna be!

(Sid interrupts him)

Sting- All I have to say ism all I have to say it our partner is going to SHOCK the world, because he is none other than The Shockmaster!

Sid- I told you! Oh god.

In the background: He fell on his f**kin arse!

Sid- I don't care who you are! I don't give a damn who you are! You gonna have us, you gonna have Vader and we're gonna be breathing down your neck!

Shockmaster: So you're the man that rules the world?
They call me The Shockmaster. You've ruled the world...

Sid (in the background): What?!

Shockmaster: Long enough, Sid Vicious.
Get ready!
Come on, you want a piece of me? You want a piece of me? Come and get me! Come after me, Sid!
I'm ready! Along with Davey Boy, Sting and Dusty Rhodes. We'll see you at the Fall Brawl!