Lyrics : Black

(All black my fit you feel me)
You gotta motherf**king feel this sh*t

Gettin' tall stacks aye
Meddy got facts
I’m ready for the Mac
Yeah I'm wearing all black to the party
Ion got no sorries
Party super whack so I dash like a rari' (skrr skrr skrr skrr)
So I pass out the car keys (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Feel like Playboi Carti
Milly Rock in NYC
She look like a Barbie
Kill me once and then you’ll see
I'm still living largely

You got money so you paying them
You talking smack up with the game we meet you not be saying them
Yeah b*t*h I am ALIEN
Balling up so hard it could fit a f**king stadium
Shoutout broski Adrian
Flight up out to Liverpool
What your homies finna do
We be drinking vodka shots
Hold up what that liver do?