Lyrics : Love Me Nina / Semiautomatic

And to me, we have a culture that, uh, is surpassed by, by, by, by no other civilization, but we don't know anything about it.
So again, I think I've said this before in this same interview
I think, my, my job is to somehow make them curious enough
Or persuade them by hook or crook
To get more aware of themselves and where they came from
And what they are into and what is already there
And just to bring it out.
This is what compels me to compel them
And I will do it by whatever means necessary.

[Verse 1]
Detroit red flow
East coast, west coast
Used to leave MoCo to hit Ledroit with Bo
I dated women with poppin’ albums, they got spouses
I dated strippers that trap loud inside they Challengers
To be black and talented, all I've ever been
Took a tour de France while my partners was somewhere peddling
Yeah, we make depression look so effortless
We desensitize while America tryna kill our kids

So it's weighin' on me, Nina
It's weighin' on me, Nina
They playin' with me, Nina
Send 'em on they way to meet ya

[Verse 2]
Look at my skin, look at my nose, I'm grateful for my features
Like I made a CD with Mrs. Knowles and ain't pay a G
I'm on my way to GA, magazine in the BM
Imagine the nazis see me, a MAGA hat he can bleed in
Nina, we just wanna be black and legendary
Be us and be proud by any means necessary

Nina got me feeling like I never have to walk alone, Nina
Nina got me feeling like I never have to walk alone, Nina

Yo, yo
They playin' with me, Nina
You stayin' with me, Nina
They hatin' on me, Nina
Send 'em on they way to meet ya
I misunderstood
Under your spell, perhaps
Ain't no lookin' back
Young, gifted, black

[Interlude: Nina Simone]
Everybody avoids everybody, all over the place
In most situations, most all of the time
I know, I'm one of those everybodys

[Verse 3]
Yeah, a semi automatic
A scatterbrain, I'm shooting out of aim
Since I've been famous, it's hard for me to hit up a target
I'm sorry, I was humble on all them red carpets
I got embarrassed, GRAMMYs carried me for Sandra Bullock
Photo ops the paparazzi was opting out of
Was doing drops for jockeys that ain't bother my album
Telling me you honestly the best nigga
Though I believe that you one welling-ass nigga
How many niggas with jobs feel like they underpaid?
Let's say it's that, plus you rhyme and 'bout to have a baby
Let's say they calling you bipolar
Not feeling you, your rhymes legend, but personality complicated
Shoot at whoever, that's your only defense
Had a job, you was poppin', now you lonely as shit
Mental blocks, every shot was harder than before
Like bootleg shoppers, see, I was rockin' my label wrong
But I digress 'cause this isn't that song
This just my plight, I am no different than y'all
Speak to your boss, me, I speak in these songs
I speak how I feel, I feel like a gun
Yeah, a semi auto with a novice aim, uh
A lot of thoughts and a lot of pain, yeah
My ammunition come from all your hate
My brain a loaded semi, I'm too offended to concentrate, yeah

Everybody gets sprayed, nigga
Ayy, move, get out the way, nigga, yeah
Under the surface, we the same nigga
But my aim different, I'm way too brilliant to shank niggas, yeah
Everybody gets sprayed, nigga
Move, get out the way, nigga, yeah
Under the surface, we that same nigga
I got that loaded semi that stain cement and paint pictures