Lyrics : My Savage

That's my Savage
Lil mama ain't average
Boss b*t*h, livin' lavish
Lil baby do damage, she a savage
That's my savage
That's my savage
That's my savage
Ooo that's my savage
My Savage

f**k with her and it's risky
Blue hunnids on me like I'm from the 60's
Yeah you fine, just keep your distance
Thank moms for your existence
Boujee b*t*h from the Valley
Drip down in Cavalli
Money and designer make her happy
f**ked up once, she won't let it get past me
Buddha on her chest
Lil b*t*h do it the best
From the Eastcoast, she came to the west
Stuntin' on these n***as like you posed' to
She the b*t*h it's hard to get close to
Aye, have you lurkin'
Dj play my sh*t, she be twerkin'
G oh D I needa bag now
Big whips, big chips, tryna stack now
I ain't trickin' but she thinkin imma cash cow
You see me gettin' all this guap and you ask how
Hoppin' out big whips
Hoppin' out wit big sticks
Fettuccini wit Alfredo, well buttered bread sticks