Lyrics : Poppin’ Cypher

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become

Leo came in to demolish the scene, we're waiting for better days
Leo came in and he's acting all cheeky, 'cause this is the break away
Yeah, they hate, he lip syncs and he's fake and trash allegedly
But soon, you'll be a fan if you like it or not, 'cause I'll take over eventually
Leo been coming in crazy, ready to bring up the tensity
Youngest to do it, I'm flowing like fluids, I stretch opportunities flexibly
Everybody really wanna pick up independently and prosper properly just like I did, so
Inspirational, motivational, Leo on the beat, so sensational
I don't play at all, look at my actions, look at my work, I don't have to say it all
Going up vertical, and my bars are so lyrically surgical, very unmerciful
What I did is so irreversible, keep to myself, so incontrovertible
Put myself in the game, 'cause I'm very submersible (Very submersible, yeah, yeah)
All of my people are winning and grinning, all of us grateful, none of us sinning
I kept it lowkey, look how I'm kicking it so low
Leo been doing it solo, everyone knows I'm a G like I'm polo
That's how it is, representing for my mum and I'm making her proud
Might drip her in coco
I'm on the beat, go loco
Outrap me? No go
Stand up tall, rep for my country
Shoutout my family, bro knows
I move on my own, with my own toes
Shoutout my family, shoutout my people that been with me from day though, yeah

Hi y'all, it's Mr. Last Pick
Sorry if I trip about it, sh*t, I'm only half-p*ssed
A couple people lining up to X me like an asterisk
They laughing in my face until I kill 'em with my adlibs
So when you talk about 7, better mark me down as an underdog
Only see red now, if you step to me you'll need Juggernog
See me OD on the beat, still treat it like there's nothing wrong
But y'all been waking up the beast, I'm a machine, I needed another cog
I wear this 13 proudly, 'cause I want y'all to doubt me
Keep saying how this wave is 'bout to drown me
And then you'll be seeing me hang 10, that's too many bodies
Mayhem with a noose, I'll prolly make a beat then delete that sh*t
Then deny I did like the kid's Benghazi
Pen godly, my god, man I'm so ozzie
I's born with a bat body
So sick, keep a vat on me
Waiting for my pockets to thicken, I gotta get it till I sat oddly
Boy, I've always been a dark horse
I was poppin' once, now I'm poppin' off
Wanna dog the kid? Get on all fours
It's Gats

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become

I lose control like a Semtex, bars stick to ya soul
Watch him blow, click, see four shots straight to your dome
Watch your tone, look, my whole clique move with a code masked up
I know dude's that'll move on you in the cold
Dog really think he a god just like Anubis, false prophet
He just a fraud behind a computer, you should stop it
Meet your enemies, they gon' be like "remember me?"
It's gon' take em running up up on you to jog your memory
Never been one to beef, I want everybody to eat
I want all my peers to succeed but you'd rather feed me deceit
Be careful with what you sow cause that'll be what you reap
Hatred is what will grow if that's what you breed in your seed
I feel like a father, I'm sonning all ya, guess this a reprimand
You want the can, sir? Get the smoke from the second hand
But wait, as an artist we really need to do better, man
I might have my faults but I seek God to be a better man

Tell me something
Why don't you know you can't tell me nothing?
20/20, I could see you fronting
It's 2020, now I see you love it
Said all it was is just drugs and b*t*hes
I just change the pace and y'all swore it's different
Got me wiling, going hard dissing, getting to the riches
Got the weed and swishers, seem that they the b*t*hes
Atleast how they switching, I can't tell the difference
pu**y what I'm sniffing acting like you hoes
Keyboard get to sprinting, fingers get to twitting
f**king with a shark, look out below
Really I'm a dog, keep out the fence
Looking at a God talking sh*t, repent
All them words so cheap, still yo ass in debt
Hoes call me Ralph, b*t*hes getting wrecked
Feeling like I'm Alf from another world
Bars been getting strong, sh*t's been doing curls
Say I ain't a gift, okay, ask your girl
She put on my chain and throw away your pearls
b*t*h, I was born for the disrespect
Throw a grenade and erase your chest
Snatch your teeth out your mouth to erase the debt
Snatch your wife out your life so you don't forget
I'ma make millions, place the bet
I got nothing left to say, better hope I fade
That's naive as sh*t, you know that I'ma stay
Burning down your city, only spitting flames
Hope y'all hate me winning, knowing it won't change
Tell em "kiss my ass", salt into the pain
f**k saying names, leave it to you lames
Petty, wrath and greatness kill em till my grave

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become

You ain't never seen nobody like I
Turn it to the side, I'ma leave it flat-lined
Interracial gangbang, black guys with nines
Busting at your face, black eyes; when I-
Let a punchline hit
I could speak blood talk like I bit my lip
I could speak Snoop Dogg, do a song with Crypt
No gangs, but I'm poppin' from my cliques
Now I know they like it when I switch
Not Nintendo or that Caitlyn chick
And I lay with chips and I'm blazing with
My amazing wit and I'm saying this like a flaming wick
Blow me
I lowkey be owning you bros, see
I'm slowly promoting my motion in oceans
I'm only showboating the mic that I'm holding
I might kill the pens when I strike, what is bowling?
Six seconds in, clip emptied
Gats be putting seven rappers in a frenzy
See, the first eight made em feel a little dizzy
Over ninety people thinking that they could prevent me
I'm cold, they bore Jan officially
Crypt my brother, f**k the color of my skin, G
Me I do big things, are we on a kip? Please
Sleep on mans? Then I lead em in a quick sleep
Leave you in a bach of the dead, don't tempt me
You don't want to see me when I'm moody
Cover face like a Sunni, I say "assalamu walaikum"
Put a piece into a goofy, and that's word to my umi
If you ever try to shoot me you gon' see 100 kufis
It is poppin', I'm a rhyming don and I'm starving
Kelly Clarkson: I'm "already gone" it's the sergeant
Hold up, let me park it like...
Stop, Samad Savage in the slot
I'm not static but I pop
Like 100,000 watts
I'ma leave em all in shock
Cardi B without a job
I don't really need the polls
I'ma make it to the top, ha!
And I do not mean disrespect when I say this either
I won't ask next time, keep AK aside for the f**king feature

Quarantine got you laid over
I stay over everybody's head, I'm on one like Drake told ya'
I don't quit on motherf**kers like a great soldier
But they quit on me when I needed them, so, them day's over
I do damage with passion, work and the ethic
Embarrass your art of essence, take care of your worth for presence
I'm on, I been on this since adolescence, progressing
Imparable in my section, could give a f**k 'bout your raps, where you from

Aye, Nato
I'm 'bout to ride the f**k out of this beat
Right here, though, for real, uh!

Excuse me miss, I don't really wanna do this sh*t
But if my music is not amusing enough for you, I guess I gotta shoot you, b*t*h
Stupid trick, make you disappear like a stupid trick
Poof, begone, put a roofie in your smoothie, makes you boujee b*t*h, I'm truly sick
Losing it, out of my mind, reading these lines like a movie script
I'm cruising, b*t*h, bon voyage, riding the wave, like a moving ship
Ra-ta-ta-tat, that be the sound of the MAC when I'm letting that toolie spit
Matter of fact, a lot of these n***as can rap but these n***as ain't doing sh*t
Who is this? He's not a factor, he's just a rapper nobody knows
But nobody knows this is the rapper that murdered the game on the day he came home
Reclaiming his throne, back in the building ready to kill when he's waving his chrome
Let it be known, life is a b*t*h, I'm just waiting to bone like Raven Symoné
Now, what's the chance of that? I got a better chance selling grams of crack
To a fiend that's 10 years clean, and she's still tryna keep that monkey off her back
And it's a fact we don't rap alike, so, if you grab the mic, then I advise you: put it back
Keep acting like you the nicest, I'ma take ya' life and put it in my book of raps, and that's that!

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become

They said Bilzar's back
Means one thing, means man are getting killed on tracks
Start running for the hills and that
Start building camps, go Fortnite building ramps
Saving the game, Gordon Banks
I don't wanna hear talking back
Don't talk like there's no one as bad as you
You'll get wrapped on tracks and that's the truth
I come through with bars on bars on bars, it's
Starting to look like Magaluf
Nah, it's starting to look like Malia
I been doing that sh*t that you cannot do
And then I capture that sh*t on a camera
Best you find a new avenue, El Capitan, I'm the manager
I'll freefall from the sky with no parachute
Through your window and land in the passenger
But listen, I ain't really in a position
To sit here and sh*t on these rappers from distance
I get em and get em if we being real, there ain't no competition
I'm up in this b*t*h, all equipped with a whistle
And stripes on my shirt cause I been so official
I get em I get em, I didn't wanna diss em but this my religion
So f**k it, man, any of you b*t*hes can get it
You didn't wan' listen but now you gon' listen
A killer, a man on a mission
I'm hunting em down, this so animalistic
Can't understand they cannot rhyme with these writtens
And this ain't no test, I'm just practicing with them
Imagine I was always passionate with it
I'm back and I get em, attacking a victim
And Bill on his way well to stack a million

Gawd, yo
Let's get it poppin'
I'll get to poppin' the populous
I pop corns tryna pop out cause I'm popular
I pop guns, you? Popguns
When it pop, you late
You full of poppyc*ck
Ya b*t*h say "Papi, let's repopulate"
The party popper, pulling something in your venue
Cause if you ain't eating with me, you certainly on the menu
Got a hand in everything, don't know what I can do?
One touch will get your fingers sent back to who sent you
I'm the whooping that you don't want
When it comes to the keys, I'm Mozart
I'm crack, n***a
Every time I slides for the money: when it come to it, I go bogart
You n***as got no heart, let a four spark from a Go-kart
Cause it ain't nothing to pull up on you then skrrr
I'll tell you again, I don't care to be none of your friends
I make ends, meet making you meet your ends
I'll beat you then remix and beat you again
My paper don't do it, so I want a Benz
You n***as the same, Ryu's and Kens
sh*t getting tense? Then VI get intense
I'll let the thing fire, then listen to Brent
Don't pay attention to the money I've spent
All in your mind, ain't paying no rent
I be killing these n***as, don't ever forget
In the greatest of drip, everything getting wet
sh*t get foul with the Tec
I'm the man, my n***a, this sh*t I reign upon
Get checked the forecast, you get rained upon
Till I get sent to the great beyond
And the pain is gone

I noticed some funny sh*t going for this competition, man, it made me laugh
People said that I'm too famous to enter it and I'm just chasing the bag, that's cap
Cause before this sh*t, I was nothing but a reactor
People laughing at me cause I called myself a rapper
But the second I'm a competitor, everybody sweating me
Suddenly I'm too famous, I should back up
"You should pay for the feature" they think that I make enough money to
Cause my name has the reach to attract some people
But y'all don't know that I work two jobs just to f**king eat, so
Back off, you don't know me, dog
My humble beginnings should humble you all
I won this competition but I know that everybody killed it
So I brought them along, we all eating, I spread the love
Cause we all dreaming what it's like to buzz
I always wanna help, if this was someone else in my position
They wouldn't give a f**k
They say that I'm known, but y'all don't know me
Cause my own true fanbase knows that I put others before me
How dare you try to sh*t on me like I didn't deserve this sh*t
I started from where you did, don't discredit all my work I did
I grinded an eternity, earned it when I learned to spit
And I'm still working every day just so they know the name Crypt
I know what it's like to struggle and not have a hand
That's why I reach out every single chance that I can
So everybody on this track know I got you until the end
Through this challenge, y'all made me a permanent fan

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above
That everyone who ever doubted me
Is gonna see what I've become