Lyrics : Bad smurt (i’m the) - Billboard Eyelash Parody

Smu-Smurty Boi
Back for another l-leet track
Key is G minor, this chord is C minor
This chord is D seventh

White Smurt, now dead cuz Smurt is dead
Finna is memey creamy dream
Finna, finna Smurty Boi is lee-ee-ee-eet
(Think you're so criminal)
Memes on both my arms, newly wed
All of my toes now gone for Creed
Creed is my god, deity
Think your--
(Hold it up, wrong "you're")

So you're a sick Smurt
Like it ab-ns Smurt
This--, memey sick Smurt
Memeing like John Wick Smurt
I'm the bad man
Make your mom wowed Smurt
I do really like Smurt
Smurt is very, very hot Smurt
I'm the bad Smurt (duh)

Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-doo-do
Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-boo-do
(Smurty, Smurty, Smurty, Smurty!)
Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-doo-do
(Ba, ba, ba, ba) Smurty, Smurty
Do, da, de, do, booty, booty
Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-doo-do
(Ba do do da da dootie!)

I like it when Smurt's songs are good
But they--, are always good--
That is--, very good
But Smurt is not the good Smurt
In fact, he is the bad Smurt
Hol' up, I must go sick this kid--

(No, please!)
Eh, you had it coming for ya from the beginning kid
(Ahh!) Bhlw! Blchw! Hmm! Blew!

So you're a smart Smurt
But you are not that smart
Making beats in our land
Meet you in the badlands (pause)
I'm insane words Smurt
Finna go to high school Smurt
Failed to make amends Smurt
For how it all ended Smurt
I'm the bad Smurt (duh)

Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-doo-do
(Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba)
Boo-doo, boo-doo-doo-do
(Smurty boi)
Huh, duh, I'm the bad Smurt
(Mnh, do-dee-do, doo-dee-dee-do)
(Do-dee, doo-dee-doo-do)
Boo, doun, doun, do, *click, clack*
(Ba, dah, ba, dah, ba, dah, ba dah)
Smurty, he is back, Smurty, Smurty is--
Sorry, my head hurts
Oh, there's more... crap


This is more of a cover cuz I forgot about this part
I forgot to write for it--
Uh, crap, I can't find the lyrics
Ok, there (yuh)
So you're a--, uh, *laughs*
Yeah, I don't know where it starts
I think it starts... after this part...?
Please white girls, um, inform me

I like when you are Smurt (*laughs*)
I guess I'm pretty glad that you are Smurt
You said sh--, Smurt's, Smur--, your's, you're scared of Smurt?
I mean, that makes sense cuz Smurt is really great

I'm a bad Smurt, haah
I'm a bad Smurt, boo

*Laughs* Alright, that's like--, an end-life out of ten
Um, rate it in the comment section below, bye