Lyrics : Trouble, Intro

Haven't been in trouble
Damn it been a long day
And i've been the chillest
Call me Mr. Fadeaway
When they took my knife i said
I didn't even need it
Mr. Police Officer please, what the f**k you thinking?
When those n***as jumped me
I was f**king wasted
Couldn't even walk straight
Like i'm f**kin Adkins
They tried to ruin me
Give me them f**king napkins
Now look who's winning
While you f**kin w***ing

While you f**king w***ing
Can't trust no thot
Them OG's told me
Do what you want
And i'm f**king trying to
Get what i want, get what i want
Get what i want
If you ever wanna pull up
I'll be waiting
Shoot you in your gut then
Share it with a smiley
No i'm not crazy
I'm being myself
You're a f**king slave
You don't believe in yourself

Fix that sh*t or f**k out my face
Lil zin, black-out, he a f**king mess
Lil zin, pop them pills to free my stress
Say who the f**k is god when you're at your best, uh