Lyrics : DNA vs. Serius Jones

I almost skipped out on this battle with you, Mrs. Jones
But I got paid a lot of money from Smack White
But I'm terrible at saving it, though
So pardon me while I calculate my expenses from last night
Flew in two bad b*t*hes from Cali, spent about 15 hunnid on that flight
Lost 4K in the strip club, but still got the bottles for half price
Lost eight bands playin’ roulette, but word to Tay Roc, that's lite
Woo! Now before we start, I just had to get the math right
Now, a lot of y'all fans feel like I’m predictable, right?
It's to the point y'all had me second guessing my own lines
Well, if that's the case and I'm predictable, ain't Aye Verb every time he do a show time?
Ain't Hitman with a remix? Ain't Con with a slow it down?
I ain’t payin’ y'all no mind
And who cares if y’all tired of me?
I'ma be on Nome 6, 7, 8 and Nome 9
Now, for Nome 5, first, you gon' get eight in your spine with this fifth in hand
The Carbon 15 second clips, that's Instagram
f**k goin’ long, it bust quick, I'm a minute man
Have something here in both sides like the middle man
Jones, this ‘bout to be a body, he won't get to stand
I'm a different man, my heart stone cold and I'm with the cans
If the crowd don't like it, I might steal a fan
For talkin' silly, the four is with me, lieutenant Dan
If I aim at your crew, I ain't saving a witness
Long nose with the blazer, I'm naming it Pippen
Let a finger ring on his b*t*h like I'm makin' commitment
So if I say a time is on his back, it'll retire Jersey like I played for the Pistons
Lettin' my gun speak, rollin' one deep
Security let me sneak this in like subtweet
f**k if his windows is tinted, I'll hit the front seat
They'll be movin' out in a minute, that's a sublease
But this new rapid style got me actin' wild
Math tapped your chin, I'm breakin' you to fractions now
It's like the Mayweather fight when we hear you rappin' now
They all saying “Man, he lost it,” that's Pacquiao
The punches I pack, man, will leave his sh*t cracked
And I'm the sh*t, Smack
Revolver, let's see him bare cans when he see what this six pack
Billy Dee Williams, if this old n***a hair gets slicked back
Colt 45 in his mouth, I dare him to sip that
Jones, I'm on a different level, won't get to settle
If it's beef, he'll be at the bottom, forget Stilettos
Said your b*t*h got the strap, told me your clip is special
If that's the one you marrying, Jones, I'll strip the medal
And I heard Lush One deaded you on some racks
How you let that sucker expose you?
Now you back on URL ‘cause them f**kers disowned you
And you said you was gon' shoot ‘em and still ain't get the funds that he told you
Well, good news, I spoke to Lush, now here's the bucks that he owe you
You one of the worst, word to Eric, you in for a long sermon
Be smart or see hawks as soon as I call Sherman
You got killed in the six, they set you up with the wrong person
The way he lost to I.C.E., man, I thought you was George Gervin
But word to my bro Charlie, I'm so motherf**kin' mean with it
Except this clip'll chill a Jones before I do the other scheme with it
Now, I ain't gon' bug out, Jones, and pass the speed limit
So I'ma show you how to murder a n***a in three minutes

n***as get shot every day, B, but I got snuffed
Okay, I still got paid, washed him on the beach
And he showed proof on Instagram sayin' he ain't have a face mark
But what you do when you got your teeth punched out your mouth in a fight?
Oh, that's right! You made being toothless your trademark
I mean, you almost lost to an adolescent, so let's add a lesson
‘Cause you could still use some lessons growing' up
But you put them with me on the stage at the same time
And I'll have both y'all chests throwin' up
The concrete jungle, this my gym
So ain't gon' be no monkey bars ‘cause I don't play on these grounds
And if it's man hunt, I'ma find him, though
But it's ironic, though
‘Cause you remind me of that kid who cheats playin' hide n go seek
Because you actin' like you blinded with your numbers, but you peeked
A long time ago! See, some of the best soldiers died behind these bars
You Guantanamo
I'm gettin' paper like Lionel, though
Richie, and I don't wanna sing on your group
Pause, ‘cause y'all don't even get common dough
I mean how you think your bars got reception?
You ‘bout as famous as a wedding singer
I told a b*t*h I was battling DNA, she thought I was goin' on Jerry Springer
I mean I got cribs, so you do the math
‘Cause I could just steal the sh*t out of holmes, but I'm not a burglar
So you talkin' ‘bout a n***as rap career?
That's like a bum peakin' through your window criticizing the furniture
They been f**kin' with the god emcee, but that's beyond sayin'
It's just been so long that I get a kick out of talkin' with the ratchet
So I took seven off, came back and had three
Smack or not, they all arguable for classics
I mean even at Summer Madness when we seen how buster Math is
They seen I ain't bury him and said church was your plot
I said some dirt you just don't drop without a casket
So sweat on my forehead, on my waist a hot barrel
My former chicken's will tell you
I raised the stakes with beef, you heard? Not cattle
See, Clips showed y'all my rounds was still fire
Lyt showed y'all I can time travel
I.C.E. was for the block, but this is my don't-ever-say-I-didn't-give-a-young-n***a-a-shot battle
You said Lush, right?
Well, it's too many Lushes in this culture
Hangin' around bars, but tryna cheat tabs
And they say I'm a outcast, well I guess so, you know why?
‘Cause I will let that big boy perform if I'm missin' three stacks, see, I'm Math
Now that won't just clean out wallets, we scheme on watches
Matter fact, you don't own a watch, but watch the scheme when I scheme on watches
See, I could be off yesterday, but I would be on tomorrow
I went to the D, had X-Factor in cold sweats
I told him, “Your time is ticking and I know you ain't real, you better roll, X”
My massage lady said, “Ooh, nice watch,” I said, “You bright, Ling”
But if he rub me the wrong way, then I could puncture the right spot
Take half your head off like Casio
And after that plastic ‘round your face, I bet your G shocked
I said cheers to the legends that know how this power last
Your time done slipped away, it's too late for you to drink out of our glass
You better bring the TEC, the Marina 'cause it's so big, it cover the wrist
Act rocky ‘round my band and we'll freeze your face
I'll tell my n***as the code word for “DNA” is “3:45”
That means put hands on him either way, ayy!
They told me to call you A-Town
I said “I'ma just drop you on your head,” like what left you crazy
Serius Jones vs. DNA? Oh, I get it, Smack
The first battle rapper tested on the Tube vs. the battle rap test tube baby
Now, you crazy

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones
If I see you anywhere, I done shocked this herb
I'm glad you called me A-Town, you know what that means? I got the bird
Run up on him, he mention Jerry Springer, that sh*t is corny, though
Now I gotta pop ‘cause DNA's on the Maury Show
Yesterday, a n***a called me up, they told me Jones was too ill
I said “That's ironic ‘cause I'm too ill too,” Jones
At Nome, I beat Young and Will, that's two Ills too, Jones
And I got Chills to chill, I was too ill too, Jones
What, you don't get it? At Nome, I had two Ills, two Jones
And it's the sam result when I split you in two, Jones
His face'll fall, I'll break ‘em all
Jones get me p*ssed off, can't wait to stall
With the d**k, your b*t*h could take it all
Call her Tom Brady the way she deflate the balls
But this n***a tight, though, that should not concern ya
A shot'll hurt ya
Your career should've been took a hike, Roethlisberger
If I scream “Bill Collector,” just know that I got the burner
If I swing the bat, man, just know that I got the murder
Last event was 750, that was a major buzz
This TEC smokin' left chest open, that's vapor rub
Now I'm runnin' in the school just to aim a slug
So you'll see a Mac comin' out the locker like player's club
But you said I almost lost on Rookies vs. Vets
Well, now, I'm runnin' in his office, Chess
Bow! Threw up the first round, they couldn't get it off his chest
The cop said whoever did it must've had something to get off his chest
But the bullet was so big, they couldn't get it off his chest
I'll lift his–
Yo, Serius Jones, you f**kin' up a bad rhyme
n***a, stop talkin' when I rap, you saw what happened last time
Now, as I was sayin'
I'll lift his soul, then hit his bones, gettin' brave out of left field
I'll chip a Jones, have these bullets stuck tight through his body like fitted clothes
Like a hurricane, wait for war to break out and they missin' holmes
I will not lose to this pop dude
When I send a K through five, it is not school
You don't even get love in your state as a top dude
Jay-Z, you got n***as thinkin' rockin' with Jersey is not cool
Get introduced to this arsenal, you love the shot
Try to surf through my hood, you'll run a lot
Leave with a top red, your mother popped
The impact of the shotgun was so loud, you could hear it on 400 block
But edit son out, don't ever put his verses with me
The real n***as is from Newark, they be on the curb with pizzies
If you lose live, then on cam, then, I'm takin' this 30 with me
That last scheme was the closest you ever been to a Jersey city
But my mob'll sit him down, my clique the truth
f**k it, I'll give Suge a ray, then split his roof
Thinkin' you could gamble with me ‘cause of my missin' tooth
Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights, I'm quick to shoot
Got a bunch of punchlines and I got in my bag
Jones, I'm killin' you with them, you gotta be mad
I wasn't even gon' shoot him, started droppin' the mag'
Then feel like Derrick Rose at the last second, put a shot in his calf
As far as punchlines, you ‘bout to get a serious dose
I'll split you down the middle like a Philly, is he serious, Dose?
I got a left, got a right, call it Serius Dose
Get your hat close, you'll have the same fate as Serius, Dose
Shout out to my n***a Math, though, ‘cause you don't got bars like that
Heard he tapped your chin, guess you got a jaw like that
I'll just swing on him again just to see if he got more like that
But don't worry, in that third round, I'm bringin' them bars right back

Now, I guess that's the worst thing that could happen to a n***a is gettin' snuffed
But the last time on Smack, I brought them butts so y'all can see bubble
But what if I gun-butt him 'til the clip falls out, then Clips falls out
Then start the second round goin' off his head? Is that a rebuttal?
See, they call me The Battle Killer, he's buggin? Time
And we spray in sect's over ours, n***a
Even if he did make some butter fly and had a bunch of arms on him
That still don't make this cat a pillar
You said “You got your man, I got my gun, let's have a two-on-two”, right?
b*t*h, you won't pull carts
Well, you got two? I got two more for us, that makes 10
And we play full court
See, they say [?] tied in with them Muslims, but you ain't know what type of guy you facin'
Because when I let the piece be unto you, it'll be more than a pool
The blood should've told you slime'll lake him
I told him I'm ‘bout these millions, man
March, but he wanted a hollow in his ear before he hear a Don
You never been behind real bars, that's why you scared of mine?
Oh, I get it, black men is stirred up ‘cause they fear a con
You say Allah? That's not islam
‘Cause I'm plugged in eatin' all over the US, B
But they wanted to see D rhyme a don
No, I'm not Isis, but I do terrorize online
It's funny, ‘cause in the beginning, you had a few W's
But after that last dot, you calm
What, I gotta put it in URL or somethin'?
But I'ma do you biblical
‘Cause I could've been in Paris makin' dollars forgivin' Eric's sermons
If I was in the garden of Eden, I would've been charming' the serpent
Have the Virgin Mary twerkin' burnin' bushes
sh*t, I even got Moses to light it, had Abel sniffing' ‘caine
David gettin' stoned with Goliath, see, he brewed this
And I don't know what kind of Christian or Jew this is
But y'all know what a Judas is
And he was hangin' off my wood, now you wanna cross me?
That's somethin' that your crew should fix, Jesus!
He had 12 disciples?
Well, this shotgun tell a different saga if you understand, my Lord
‘Cause I got a 12 and if you diss, I pull
And put your last supper on Clips' Grandma's wall
How could you call me a hypocrite or front on me ‘cause I'm livin' lux'?
And I never even act religious, but I prayed over every bag I saw
Yeah, I'm sacrilegious
Charlie, you just got here? But it's too late for him to panic on you
Since Shine did the professor, well, I'ma go mechanic on you
See, if I go under your hood, it's to fix somethin'
‘Cause I got the tools and if I gotta press you, I know which buttons
For instance, you got a battery in your back, but there's a positive and a negative
Just don't be on the wrong side, then
‘Cause when you get jumped, if you cross the medal wrong, you gon' see them sparks flyin'
Ayo, K-Shine, the way my family slide, it's electric
I said, I'll take the cord out your wall, plug your eye sockets
It don't matter, big body or compact, I could lift ‘em all
These punks hydraulics
Plus, I'm a welder, so I'll pull a mask down and we fire blue
You been flat in the tube, but I bet they take you off the wheel after I retire you
To keep it funky, you stink
But I do got some spray that I could loan to you, squirt
You say that I wasn't battling? How was I broke then, you j*rk?
He just wanted the dope sh*t back first
So now I'm back on Smack like the methadone didn't work

I said my n***a Mr. Jones did a mechanical scheme
That sh*t was hot, man, listen
But I think you in the hood more than me ‘cause you be on a transmission
But, see I'm a animal in the ring, I ain't scared to kill
So like a drunk driver, if this fist don't do it, then staring will
Now, Smack called me, I was gettin' some head
He said, “I got a battle for you and it might involve you gettin' some bread”
I jumped up, grabbed my tooth out the water, pushed the b*t*h off the bed
I said, ”Whenever, whoever, that n***a is dead”
Then he said, “You remember money that used to battle at the Fight Klub?”
And then I thought of you and my face lit up like a light bulb
Now, in that battle, you could've had a serious murder
But he ain't take you serious, murder, that's why they got the experts waitin'
See, was you the victim or the victor? We couldn't tell by the steps to trace it
See, if murder was the case, when they went back and checked the statements
They wouldn't need DNA on a scene for investigation
Now somethin' tells me in that battle you thought you was the person to get personal
News flash, Jones, it didn't work for you
Mook kept killin' sh*t, as far as careers, it got worse for you
And after Murda Mook murdered you, it was seven whole years nobody heard from you
Then the industry said f**k ‘em and you came back ‘cause he folded
Had a couple good lines, but never killed any opponent
Battled I.C.E. and stayed in the six, I was startin' to think that you homeless
Out of all the battle rappers, you might be one of the oldest
Are average a million views, he ain't one of the coldest
Nas got the Henny commercial, couple cribs that he ownin'
Jim got Love & Hip-Hop, he get that check with a bonus
Aw, Serius, you ain't keepin' up with the Jones's
What happened to you, Celine? This n***a's pop, so, n***a, stop
Actin' like this sh*t here's my biggest shot
In the Fight Klub days, your sh*t was hot
I heard they gave you Jin, now lick a shot
Just ‘cause they put Jin at risk don't mean that I'm generous
I'm a god and I'm endin' this chapter the genesis
This a new generation and it's time you get set in your place
It's all about generating views and you don't get ‘em at an exceptional rate
See, I'll never have to battle you an my legacy's straight
So you pushing Jin aside'll never bring an end to my race
I'm still killin', the league gettin' cash on the block
And you thought you ended Jin's career? Your ass should just stop
When Iron beat him, he turned Christian, the passion had dropped
The way he got Jin to switch, I thought he was the Kardashian's pops
And I'm schoolin' you on your dumbass how to maneuver too
When this drop, it be a big round, that's a hula hoop
Hoffa decked you right on stage, that was your funeral
Since you had that problem with Math, I gotta tutor you
Before the Don mentioned you, you barely had life in this thing
Him bringin' up the multiple choice made it all exciting and things
It was like the UFC, not ‘cause Math gave you a right in this thing
‘Cause without John, Jones, you wouldn't have a fight in this ring
And now, let's talk about DTP ‘cause that sh*t is important
You thought makin' song after song your sh*t'll be scorchin'
He figured if he got on his hustle and flow, he'll get figures that's awesome
And when Luda heard your tape, he threw that sh*t in the toilet

They dropped you! They dropped you! They dropped you!

You are trash, n***a, I am better than you
And you're broke, I got paid more cheddar than you
Serius Jones? A legend to who?
‘Cause when it's all said and done, I'll be a bigger legend than you
It's round three, it's gettin' hot in here
Let this old washed up n***a know my slogan

Get him the f**k outta here!

Hell no! Get his crew the f**k outta here
Get Serius Jones and get that “Woo” the f**k outta here
Get everybody that hated and thought I was gon' lose the f**k outta here
One legend down, get Murda Mook the f**k outta here

Okay, you know what? So I guess that's all you gotta do
Talk about sh*t you never did and that sh*t sucks
How you gon' talk about a n***a got dropped when you never even got picked up?
I mean your name is Eric Wright… Eric, right?
Well, this is too easy, E, ‘cause you ain't sick
I said you like the root of your battle rap
You go so hard, you freestyle and you can't quit
But it's f**ked up, your last name is the one thing you just can't get… right
But, see, you know what? I'm not sayin' you battling' me is wrong
But you definitely not in your right mind
‘Cause yes, you in the right place, but this is definitely not the right time
See, I'm Mr. Right, you thought I lost my turn
Nah, I just went left like I missed a right
But, see, I'm from a family of hustlers, broadway like
We all know you from a family of fiends, but that makes sense because the customer's always right
I said, now, Mr. Wright, I know you couldn't pick your name when born
And I know your pops died and I ain't tryna play your moms
And two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wright's actually made a wrong
See, I be wiggin' on n***as, yeah, I drag queens
And you ain't even got no pull on them rounds, ain't that a drag queen?
Now, I ain't tryna turn this to no Jersey vs. Queens sh*t
But I bet it ain't gon' be a quiet room no more after this Queens flip
I said yo, when I first touch the mic, I was tryna reach Jackson heights
This a story of hustler's diploma, champagne vs. beer
‘Cause when I was in Jamaica p*ssin' dog pee on the palm trees
You were still flushin' Coronas, see
You think you got somethin' hood in store for me? Then the Cal'll see him
This that A train to the last stop
You called Tay Roc a fake Surf, then he washed you, you ain't have to take it that far, Roc
You asked “Is he the best in Queens?” You gon' hear a whole lot of nahs
So I could kill you with Queens emcees
‘Cause everybody know SJ is the jam master, but n***as damn near run when D emcees
I mean you think he is not ass? Then y'all lost, boys, ‘cause he Mr. Cheeks
I don't even need two L's, just a cool J
He act swole, I hit the lick, then make him kiss the piece
So, you know what? It's a couple other n***as from Queens y'all think so great
Seen Hollow ridin' on a Dino, I said “Get the f**k outta here”
What you doin' on a GT for, H?
I mean, that's your slogan, but it's gon' seal your own fate
‘Cause I'ma tell y'all what GTFOH'll stand for in your case
Okay, it could be “Got the face of hurt”
Or “Go to free stores over hyped,” nah mean?
Matter fact, it should be “Got to fix oral hygiene”
I mean get the f**k outta here, you thought you was gon' get the fight off? How?
You seen how I handle Clips, but I been got the f**k outta here
But you can get this fade on the house
I said you ol' as-long-as-I-don't-lose-that-bad-I'm-still-a-winner ass n***a
Me eating you is not even helping me, you microwave dinner ass n***a
I mean, you be with rats and you got Clips' wood in you, you Master Splinter ass n***a
I mean I'ma leave your wig on the car dash he in, you Bruce Jenner ass n***a
I said, you know what? Okay, get your battling 14 times a year the f**k outta here
Get your battling women and children and you still actin' top tier the f**k outta here
Get your never havin' a deal or a song, but talkin' ‘bout n***as careers the f**k outta here
Matter fact, get that “Get the f**k outta here” the f**k outta here!