Lyrics : 5 STARZ

He got his head between my legs deep diving
Circulate the motion boy don’t be scared to slob it
One too many hours, floor collecting saliva
Throat getting dry reach in the fridge and get some water
He told me “bae I’m ok” then he kept on wilding
He got some to prove make me pull out my wallet
Eyes roll to the back of my head
Boy don’t you stop it
Like sonic
Racing to it making me to climax
It’s just the little things that you doing
Grab my hand and lead me to the bathroom
Boom boom got 5 minutes to screw you
Ain’t trynna toot my horn but baby toot toot
He serving that good good that Magic Johnson
Lay it down he sleepy now he laying on me
Rode it like a soldier he serving the army
Ate it up my belly full just rub my tummy

Baby lookin like a 5 star (yea)
Swerving through it in Chrysler (yea)
Got the sh*t that I would die for (yea)
Make me wanna go and hire him
Ayo, do you know anything about this kid Rodney Chrome?
Wait isn't that that gay rapper?
That wannabe Frank Ocean?
He just raps about-
Yeah what the f**k-
-about getting his d**k sucked?
First Lil Nas X now this little-
Man, f**k Rodney Chrome!