Lyrics : Stare Into Death And Be Still

At war with no enemy
But the dearth of our will
Far too late to wake from this doubt
Intransigent in the face of the end

Banished to a fate worse than death

No worth remains of this condemned existence
Soon to be annulled

Transpire, from order to chaos
The messiah of alienation
Deliver us to these ends we have dreamt

Where the faintest light is now smothered
Devoured by the grief

Sink deeper into the abyss
Buried under the flaws we disown
Starved of breath
And fearing the detachment from all
Submit to unseen tyranny

We have reached the brink of this terminal world

Stare into death and be still
The darkness ahead mirrors a past of ruin
Barely lived
Every fire exhausted
Awaiting surrender