Lyrics : Quarantine

Yeah, with my n***as on live, like
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

She f**k me so good, I had to put her off of quarantine
Baby girl, she coming over, f**king me, she sure to be
Hit her with that tip, tip, tip, like a "Shoulder Lean"
She know I'ma hit, off the rip, she get all of me
pu**y game sick, had to throw her off of quarantine
She might even f**k my b*t*h if she gon' be here
I can see her from the back and you can see why
pu**y rubbing on my jeans, that's a Levi
Got them b*t*hes by the book like I'm Eli
Got that b*t*h in quarantine
Got no love for broke b*t*hes that cannot afford me
Let me call your friends up, we gon' have an orgy
Posted in the forgis', baby, that's a Tory, LIl' Tory
Only call your friends, baby, we gon' have a ball
Don't you play pretend, baby, I can have 'em all
Pullin' up with that stash, baby, I'ma pull them grams out
I ain't bag your b*t*h because I'm rich, it's 'cause I'm handsome