Lyrics : 10 Steps to Get over Your Ex

Cut 'em off and don't look back
Don't respond when he ask where you at, oh
Even if he got a whole lotta stacks, mmh-hm
Tell that n***a he can kiss your ass, uh

Step one, get cute
Put on your favorite hoops
Step two, go out
You can say you're single now
Step three, you'll see
How good it feels to be free
These are the steps to get over your ex

It won't be easy
Believe me, 'cause I've been there
Like how the f**k am I not seeing
All the signs that always been there
You gotta start deleting
All the memories that you once shared
It's hard to let go
When you know how hard you once cared

Step four, make sure
You never see his ass no more
Step five, realize
If he loved you he wouldn't lie
Step six, get lit
Let you problems blow away with the wind
These are the steps to get over your ex