Lyrics : Coronavirus

I don't know what to think about this virus
It started in China, now everybody in America's hiding
There's no groceries 'cause people start to panic and buy it
The shelter empty, the ones with plenty, already stockpiling
Y'all making memes, think it's funny? Wait a week till the riots
Wait a month till the only way to eat is be violent
It's not the sickness that's scary, it's all the people who're violent
The government's lying, they're tryna keep us calm through the sirens
We know it's for real, and now all the pharmaceutical giants
Don't have the cure that they can sell you, so now everyone's dying
There's no vaccines and medication made that can fight it
I guess it's time to pray to God, we can't rely on the science
And everyone around me in a mask and some gloves
The stock market crashed, and the banks 'bout to bust
Tell us "Sanitize our hands, this will pass, it's a bug, stay inside, you'll be fine"
Till we're trapped there for months

It's a ghost town, we're in this together
They're closing all the stores down, we're heading for shelter
It's our war, now they'll always remember
We're locking all our doors down, we're sticking together
It's a ghost town

This a pandemic, but we don't listen to the news
'Cause they lied to us for years, so how we know that this the truth?
And most of us are young enough to think that we're immune
So we just pass it on to people who won't survive it like you
It's either worse than they're telling us or it's nothing at all
But the schools are shut down and ghosttowning them all
They go quarantine the city, block the road out of dodge
Then tell us leaving our homes is actually breaking the law
This is just the beginning, you know it's gotta get worse
If the doctors get sick, the hospitals won't work
The conspiracy theories all sound like facts, that's for sure
But the fact is, we're trapped on this planet called Earth
And the bleach gone, the bread gone, the water sold out
The meat gone, the milk gone, the pasta sold out
Don't leave anything for anyone, you hoard it for yourself
You'd rather tell them "Go to hell" than be a man and go and help