Lyrics : 3400 PARADOX

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Bans, Bans, Bans, Bans
Bans, Bans, Bans, Bans

I'm the moon and I'm the sun, and I'm Satan and I'm God
And I'm good and I'm bad, and I'm this and I'm that
I'm so bright and I'm so dull, paid the prices for my soul
See, the drugs done took a toll, I'm a GOAT, I'm a troll
Take her heart and fill her hole [?]
It be this but it be that, it be false and it be facts
They be friends and they be rats, set you up and have your back
You gon' lose and you gon' win, but it don't matter in the end
You the realest, you the fakest, you believed us, you betrayed us
You do right, and you do wrong, and you right where you belong
You see cells and you see jails, you turn pale, then it's hell
Then it's heaven, triple six, triple seven, zero risk
It be hot, but it be [?] she a thot, but she my b*t*h
I'm so perfect, I'm so flawed, I'm so worthless, I'm so raw
I feel love and I feel hate, I be jealous then I ain't
I be shattered, I'm so pained, I'm so armored, I'm a tank