Lyrics : S.H.R.E.K.

When will all this fighting cease you ask, when no human remains alive I say
Continue to resist or give in, it all means the same to me in the end
You can fight but you'll die, you can run but you'll die, but I forbid you to end your own f**king life
Its mine to take and only mine alone
The bones of your infants will construct my throne

There will never be, a great ogre like me
I'll terrorize the world, for f**king with my swamp
Destroy all of their faith, erase all of their hope
Slaughter all the first born, eviscerate them all

You think you can f**king take me
I'll take you all at once
Godforsaken congregation, prepare for annihilation

You worthless feeble human beings, get on your knees and worship me
Your numbers dwindle down each night, when will you give up this foolish plight

There will never be, a creature ever like me
Borne from the fires of hell, tell your families farewell

Spiteful I am, I've said it before and I'll say it again
I hate the human race, their ignorance hinders the whole f**king world
All you pieces of sh*t really need to die
Horrid creatures, these b*t*hes scared me as a little ogre
I hate their ugly face, and their soft pudgy shells feels like marshmallows
Maybe that why I love to feast on them so much
Regret, I regret not starting my endeavor sooner
Maybe Farquaad would have never been the king
Erase, the history of man, 100 years from now the world will not speak your name
Kill, every single human being on earth, grind their bones to dust then throw it in motherf**king a fire
I am Shrek and I promise you, that the world will know true suffering