Lyrics : Friends

I got some friends with trouble sleeping
At a full moon howling like a beast they fall in
Line with what their instincts tell them
To make it worth the hurt they're feeling
Like spirits in the night we walk
With the winter's shadows lost
Fill these cozy bars with talk
Of what we need and what we've lost

Waking up to this
Just like I knew I would
I know the work is hard
I know the struggle's good
I guess it didn't work
Quite like we thought it would

I've got some friends that roll with punches
Can make a struggle feel like a waltz with loved ones
And help you shake your hands with demons
Before they help you make them leave you
And with their arms around my shoulder
To make my head and my heart feel bolder
And help me feel the love I'm holding
And let go of the pain

I've got some friends that swim in oceans
In the middle of the winter's coldest
Days and bare feet burning coals they
Walk along like streets of gold
And how we used to fill our souls
Might not have time for that no more
Might punch the clock feel the void calling out
Like it did before