Lyrics : Firm Biz Remix (World’s Famous)

The world famous Firm thing for you and yours
Show the whole world how we run this business
It's the remix, yo
Check out my fam

Milliato, used to cop blow from Milli Blanco
Little willies roll choco in Phillies and pop Mo'
Wheely 650s with my eyes closed, designer clothes
finer hoes
They kinda rock diamond shines on they toes
Sign throwers, nine told us, high rollers, I know this
Keep my mind focused, rhymes are focused, rhyme dopest
n***as can't believe my mind wrote this
I was raised in a family of lye smokers
850i's wide Rovers, f**k a chauffeur, we drive high, never sober
Drive-by with the scoper, black Scarface coked up

There are very few cats I respect in this game
If you're lookin' through the credits, n***a, check for your name
And if it's not there, some'll complain that it's not fair
The way I popped up and hot all year
It's like a scarlet fever, take the hearts of all non-believers
Movin' with sharks, make it more hard to reach us
Dark lips be the God features
Flashin' more stacks, bald-headed as a Kojak
Keepin' shows packed, then the money flows, kid
n***as on my nuts like they honey-roasted
Rock Lo sh*t, double-XL to hide the fo'-fifth
Celebratin' this life, the whole clique