Lyrics : No Doubt About It

All my life, I just wanna thank him for
What he's done, look how far he's brought me from
I never knew life could be so sweet
Until I found him and he gave me joy complete

Search high (search high)
Search low (low)
Hills and mountains, shore to shore (shore to shore)
Never found nobody like him (nobody like him)
I'm must explain exactly how I feel (feel)

There ain't no doubt about it (ain't no doubt about it)
I found someone who really loves me
I'm gonna sing and shout it (I'm gonna sing and shout it)
His love has set me free

Touched my life, turned my grey skies blue
Touched my heart, create within something new
Held my hand, showed me a brighter day
Ever since that day, I promised him that I would stay

He's my (he's my)
Joy divine (joy divine)
Got a love so real that no one can steal
What is this that makes me feel the way I do
I'm so glad his spirit made me feel brand new