Lyrics : It’s Gonna Be Alright

-You know Dorinda, life can be so hard sometimes and our problems, they seem to be more than we can bare
-Yeah Mike, but I know someone who's a problem solver and he can bare all of our problems, but if we just believe on him and know that everything will be alright

It's gonna be alright (I know it will)
Oh, it's gonna be alright (if you just believe it)
It's gonna be alright
Oh, it's gonna be alright

So you feelin' low, whatcha gonna do
You've been hurt before, couple of déjà vu
You've been tossed all about, all burned out
It's been thick, it's been thin right down to the end, yeah

Keep on lookin' up (keep on lookin' up)
Don't you dare give up (don't you dare give up)
Hang in there my friend (hang in there my friend)
Things are gonna (you are gonna)

It's gonna be alright
Oh, it's gonna be alright, it's God's problem (all you got to do)
It's gonna be alright (is hang on in there)
Oh, it's gonna be alright (he'll be right there to answer your prayer)