Lyrics : Celebration

Celebration, it's a celebration
We come to celebrate Jesus
Are you here to celebrate Jesus?
Lemme hear you make some noise
Lemme hear you make some noise
We celebrate him
The little baby wrapped in swaddling clothing
Lying in a manger
We celebrate the newborn king

Come on and gather around everybody
It's gonna be a celebration
For unto us a child is born, yeah yeah
If you're looking you will find him
Wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger
You will know it's him because you'll find
The glory of the Lord in his hands, it's a great day

For a celebration (celebrate his birth)
You don't need a invitation (you don't need a invitation)
The messiah is born (and he came to save us, yeah yeah)
It's celebration (it's a celebration, whoa)
We celebrate the king of kings (the lord of lords)
The lord of lords (the king of all the nations)
The king of all the nations