Lyrics : Amazing World of Iclowny

Stepping on your b*t*h's shoes
She was drunk off a ramoose
You should pick up the pace
Maybe tidy up the place
Pick up all your f**kin' crumbs
You should overdose on TUMS
Your f**kin' parents are bums

Get the f**k up off the ground
I'm not here to f**k around
Be a f**king grown up
Shove a razor up your ass
I don't want to hear your sas
Welcome to The Amazing World of iClowny

Your girlfriend hit me up
Asking me for a hook-up
You got no f**king gang
Your ass is lame
Dreaming of fame
Just get ready for all the blame
Bad time are coming
Can't you see what you're becoming?
You need professional help
Don't just sit there and say "welp"
You should stuff your face with kelp
You should pull yourself together man
And BAM!