Lyrics : Beyond The Years

Hardships there
Everyday will be Sunday
Is that right, that right, that right (repeated echo)
Jesus drew that’s why the dawn I see
Held so strong am I
All fears gone I pray
Where will you be in a few years time
Wandering along in a pointless line
Faith of your fathers will you still find
In a few years time
A few years time
Brought to this place out of Egypt land
The promise of life you have in your hand
Now thrown away for the desert sand
Where is your land?[x2]
Spirit sees that’s why
Jesus drew that’s why the dawn I see
Beyond this life’s season too
Beyond the… Christ’s see that too
Beyond the years[x2]

Somebody put of the fire and the joy watching Miami
Fire from the Statue of Liberty
Water boil
Let the water come from Mississippi
Got to have the water
I’ve gots to have the