Lyrics : Outta My League

If I tell you, you belong to me
Would you be mine, in reality?
And not just in my mind
I'm so tired of being invisible, to you
I'm so tired

How could a boy like you, ever want a girl like me?
You're way outta my league
Way outta my league
Cause boys like you, don't go for girls like me
You're way outta my league

I can't believe you stayed
Surprised that you even looked my way
Fuck it
I'm fine if, you want it
There's so many reasons to be on it
Cause I'm realest
So you feel this
And I don't blame you no

No I don't like making mistakes
Cause my heart's so easy to break
That's a risk I don't usually take ooh, uhh
Got this feeling I hate to lose
That's the feeling when I'm with you
Doing things I don't usually do, no