Lyrics : Gasping For The Final Time

Gaspin' for breath, leave 'em on the floor (On the floor)
Shootin' smaller pistols at the throat (At the throat)
Not no goat (Not no goat)

Fighting not to see my body float (Body float, floar)
f**k bringin' peace together, rather melt (I'd rather melt, melt)
Electrify the fences at the door (Electrify)
Burn off the skin a bit, bind the soul (Tryna [?])
Tryna wash my sins off of my face with salt (Salt, salt)
Put pieces together from the skull (The skull, skull)
Ready on your mark and set and go (Go, go)
Let 'em blow, knock 'em down the pole
Shoot you in your psyche till I go (Psyche)
Rage an understatement, that's a flaw (That's a flaw)
Healing more important than your flow (Than your flow)
Switchin' all my numbers 'cause I'm 0 (Switch it up, switch it up, switch it up)
Eat you like chicken, right off the bones