Lyrics : A Dream a Plan

Natural Disaster

I had a dream, a plan
That Hov put me with the Roc-A-Fella fam
That RZA let me join the Wu-Tang Clan
And DJ Premier said I was the emcee of the year
Oh yeah, that pay back, hommie
Them niggas thought it was sweet and I hit 'em
Lil' A$AP Rocky just say that
I used to hate that time, man, uh
Like Wale up dream, chasin' bout a mil', like Maybach signed me
I'm on that growth of livin', I took a oath, I'm different
Behold, I could stop the glow from spinnin'
I rose like Derrick or flowers you throw to women
I'm cold, we ain't approachin' winter
Never sacrifice your soul for glitter
Ain't always what you can afford
Black man, just focus, nigga, get it
I done seen homeless victims scold their children
Dudes switch up on their bros for women, a poet, written
These unwritten motion pictures
Niggas that think home is prison
Get free from parole and then feel alone and distant
Now prone to the life they have grown to live in

Ain't it cold my nigga, yeah, yeah
Word (Now, listen)

I had a dream, a plan
That J Dilla produced one of my jams
That Big Pun and Big L know who I am
Me and Biggie in the booth with Puff
Without all of the shiny suits and stuff
True enough, bruises, cuts, they go from
Me versus you, to you versus us
I come from bubble Gooses, Timberland boots with scuffs
With niggas who never do enough, do too much
Even though I got love for 'em
I only trust two niggas, and I'm not one of 'em
While my youngins are snorin', if I preach, I'm borin'
If I teach, I'm old, and they ignore it
If it's beef, they scroll, lookin' for it
If I don't sell it for cheap, they can't afford it
It's free, they callin', weed, retarded
Weed just fallin' like leaves in August
This what I fought for
It's crazy when Fabolous passed me the aux cord
And T.I. called my phone, like, "We need to talk more"
Shit, I still ain't feel me
I did some songs with Timbaland that he still ain't send me
Still, they envy the goat
You pick a price, give me a quote
Did you know I woulda never did music without my brother?
Did you know I raised my son full time without his mother
Okay, then, I then produced a song with Khaled on it
And you could ask Lamar, I gave him everything that I owed him

Let's have a moment of silence (Now, listen)

I had a dream, a plan
I signed to The Diplomats with Cam
That I made Baby and Wayne shake hands
That Rough Riders and Three 6 Mafia need this album
And I'm gone

Let a country cousin, let him talk to 'em once
Sy, what happenin'?

Uh, I had a dream and a plan
That I could swing down while UGK was "Big Pimpin'" and let my door slam
Pull up on [?], go mil'
See me a dentist and cop me a grill
After the capper I'm crackin' the seal
Pull off a Beamer and skrrt, bang
Hol' up, for real
Geto Boys taught me gotta let my nuts hang
Every time my mind went to playin' tricks on me
Had to let my trunk bang
Music kept me liberated when I felt Outkasted
And some of those points from Big Lou help me get past it
Type of boy you couldn't imagine with dragons
I'm Biggie with cadence, Pac with passion
Could be a king, remembered in time
I know what I'm askin'
Different than folks who slipped on that black ice
Where the Goodie Mob gotta tread light
When you on the road, on a late-night tip, like Three 6
When the smoke clears, hope you make it home
Meet me at the crossroads, you won't be long, that's word to bone
I had a dream, a plan, all along
K.R.I.T.'s here