Lyrics : Don’t Love freestyle

All my favorite rappers gonna look up to me and not because I’m 6’6” but the sick sh*t that I spit spit
Is a super sexy thick chick on a rip stick 
Going down hill
Down hill that’s my first song, 
That I wrote when I was really going ghost 
And my pops was gone when i needed you the most 
You hang yourself when you could hold me 
Don’t fake with me n*gga you can just show me
Women trying new sh*t with the old me
Acting like you give a f*ck, get you a Tony
Don’t leave me lonely
sh*t I could say will have you disown me 
Ain’t scared of commitment but wasting my time 
Tryna give love, Dos Equis and lime
You falling for me 
Cuz you trip all the time 
When I erase text threads
I find myself caught in the next bed
Being asked ‘bout which ex give the best head
Man all this sh*t is truly a headache, a headache
Sometimes I try to forget it, forget it

Young modo muthaf*cka when I spit it my flow clean
This is a routine
She want my protein
They want the whole team
Shout out to groupies
Say what I want so you pussies could sue me
Nas passed the beat so I ate it like scooby
Roll wit my dogs
They dance to my song
Tic tok
I got perfect timing
Wrist watch
It plain see I get dah party jumping like a grasshopper
Flows mad proppa
Presence so big
I could fill a opera
I’m sick please call a doctor
We don’t do drive bys
We just do pop ups
I lay with the game and she call me big poppa
I know I’m small
But I’ll still f*ck yo momma
Please pass the blunt
Please do not pass me drama
Save all yo questions
I don’t need no comments
I’m tryna get commas
Galactic b*tch
Not from this planet
A Martian b*tch
Aboard my ship
I smell like Cattle
I’m on
My sh*t
Handle my bus
I’m in my case
Suit space
Watch me take off
I'm gone
Modo, modo, modo, modo

My stream of consciousness gone
I’m missing the zone where I used to be
But f*ck I’m better ain’t losing these
n*ggas that’s used to just using me
f*ck it I’m doing my own sh*t
Man Ain’t nobody helping me
So I gotta make these moves selfishly
Trynna make it to some wealth you see
Trynna make it
Through my days
But in haze
Trynna forget the pain
So when they jab it don’t hurt the same
Cause now I’m overcoming everything
That held me back
It’s real truths I hide in these tracks
There ain’t a seeker
Look at the sequence
I’m losing the meaning
I can even see it
But still visualize
A different life
Under flashing lights
I ain’t even tired
But I need a wave
I need the day
When my ceiling Change

When u hear dat
Betta know its meanin
Screamin be safe, be secure round deez
Sick n*ggas in seek 4 a cure
So dey in sync w/ da click clack cuzzo get back
B4 deez n*ggas Black
n*gga it's a Fact, no retract
Just sum blood splat, (uh)
n*gga ain't no comin back
So whatchu bringin witcha
Puttin matters aside
Cause I'm hopin 4 dat, peace ov mind
Hopin dat in due time
I alleviate da stress I acquired in dis lifetime, (uh)
So until den, I'ma be just wieldin
A razor steel thin
W/ impeccable skill, inside a caddy deville
Full ov dutches w/ dey guts spilled
Rollin round w/ dat phat yield, ov sour diesal
Yea, BS