Lyrics : Heroine

I know I've made mistakes for heaven's sake
We're all just shapes and sizes just meant to be different
Cause we're different
Some emotion do expose the truth but you and I both know
That isn't even all relevant
Ain't it decedent?

I said you said
He said she said
I can't tell if you just want attention
Maybe someday Never again
But you can't leave it alone
When you don't want me to go
I don't even know who you are anymore

You can call it love
But who's crazy about you?
Some emotion do expose the truth
But you and I both know that this can’t be love
Cause who's crazy about you?

No one's perfect and you know it
Fairy tales a cure for sin then we would all be blindly innocent
Call it accident

Same excuses make no use of
Why I choose to be a noose tied up in the life of a mess you made
And the mess you'll make