Lyrics : Over It

Am I really that much to handle?
Breakin' these n***as down like enamel (Oh)
Yet I'm ready to blow you out like a candle
Can I really just blow you out like a candle?
You a man, you say you the man (Oh)
You say you 'bout it, you say you got it planned (Oh)
I really wasn't tryna listen
You say I ain't got no discipline (Oh)
And that there why I wasn't listenin' (Oh)

But I need a n***a who can handle me (Oh)
I want a, a n***a who can handle me, oh
N***a keep your hands off me
You wanna stay with me
But n***a, you just a fan of me (Fan of me)
Cuff your b*t*h, n***a
N***a, cuff your b*t*h
Caught you slippin' and a n***a hit a lick on you
Are you really tellin' me that...
I could break you down like a gym, sweat

F**k it and catch me at V-Live
I'll be sippin' D'USSE 'til I diz-ie
Actin' like he care, he just don't driz-ive
I be tryna numb the pain, I be so hiz-igh (Oh)
F**k it, you can catch me in the Hills (Oh)
Watch me close 'cause I'll be poppin' pills (Oh, oh)
All I ask for you to keep it trill (Oh)
All I ask for you to keep it real, real, real, real, real
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Real, real, trill, keep one hunnid, oh no
Not too much emotion, no, no
You know I been f**ked up, yeah, yeah
I should keep it trill, trill for me
I should keep it real, real, one hunnid