Lyrics : New Project 38

This is crazy
Six years runnin’ doing the same old sh*t
But, baby, it’s okay
‘Cause I love you
Anyhow, anyway, any time, any day
Making love, meditation
Now we got ourselves a situation
And we argue but, baby, it’s okay
‘Cause I love you
Anyhow, anyway, of any time, any day

Look, you gotta sit down and listen
My visions of the future startin’ to look less vivid
I can’t believe it, Mama was right
These feelings changing, just like the seasons
I keep it a hunnid, never ridin’ on the fence
No one above you, that’s always how it’s been
I say “Let’s make love to the tempo”
And after that, just seal it with a kiss
And I don’t mind you trippin’ ‘cause I’m willing to take the flight
And if you down to give me your all, I’m willing to pay the price
And best believe you next to king, which mean you queen
Ain’t other b*t*hes, no text from me
Just read, delete
You one in a billion
I can’t fight the feeling when it comes to your smile
I swear you always winnin’
And when everything just seems out of reach, you roll that weed and you pull up next to me
[Jazz outro]