Lyrics : Put The Gun Down

I'm drinking on that big mud
Can't think, brain looking like the f**king ocean
Take another token
Can only keep going how i'm [?]
All i see is motherf**king [?]
Whatever [?]
Pop a pill, pop a pill
How you feel, how i feel, how i feel?
Drink a pint and a half of that wock
Can't even think
Can't even walk
Ain't trynna talk
I can't drive
I'm too high
Cup extra muddy
Pour a line for all the pain
But then again, where the hydro?
Po' anther fo'
Call the plug, the og, i said i need some more
Trynna overdose
Matter fact, bring a needle and a bag of dope
( Yeah)
I'm too numb
Cup filled up
Backwoods stuffed
With the hydro [?]
Xans in my pocket
10 percs i just popped
Grip this .44, it got hollow points
But f**k it