Lyrics : Cross (Miro Edit)

Intro: Lil Peep
...I'm like a ghost half the time, I'm just creepin' behind
I'm never slow

Verse 1: Lil Peep
I hit the dope two time, take the stress off my mind
I hit the coast, and I ride, coming quick on your side
I'm like a ghost half the time, I'm just creepin' behind
I'm never slow, I follow, take your soul, you hollow
Bass kickin' like your b*t*h, kidnap her for kicks
Come 6, poppin' sticks, while she biting my lip
Don't flip, don't dip, better not move too quick
I take that grip right off your hip and smack yo' ass with the clip

Verse 2: Snow Leopard
Attention getter, ayy
Grey Beretta, ayy
Slain ya' whole gang in the motherf**king cellar, ayy
Κλείσε την πόρτα, then I penetrate your γυναίκα
The demon ingester, I swerve off and total my Tesla

Verse 3: $lick $loth
Pop the trunk, watch me flex
Shoot a motherf**ker with the AK next
Rather now than later, 'cause I wanna meet death
Can't scare a motherf**ker, even if you got lead
Flies chomp, welcome to the feast
Hit I-12, grab Ruby from the East
Snort a bag of dope, shoot the rest in my feet
Gold on my teeth, it's the beast off the leash
f**k, sheesh! R.I.P
Any motherf**ker wanna come and try me?
Six blades, six bullets have you six feet deep
"$carecrow, $carecrow, man, you starting to scare me!"
f**k you
b*t*h, I'm from the levees
Where the water ain't steady, ridin' 20's on a Chevy, ah, ah
Shake all the leaves when my feet hit the ground
I see that you pu**y, boy, don't make a sound

Verse 4: Lil Peep
Hold my sh*t, I'ma f**k your b*t*h
Bump Three-6, while I cut my wrist
Funk my kicks, then I break the rim
When I dunk that sh*t, bloodstain the Timb
No sh*t, got razor blades in my fist, taking lists
Only time I put the blade down
When I gotta pick up my pen
f**k your Benz, I'ma paint the Cadillac black
Can't see me in the night, with the lights off (nah)
Quicksand on the white walls
Living life on the edge, b*t*h, I might fall (might fall)
Don't give a f**k what they say about me (nope)
Peep won't rest 'till I rest in peace
S on my chest when I come up on the beat
Full moon flex while you motherf**kers sleep