Lyrics : Bizarro

Codeine, which you all know is syrup
I started drinkin' it because I'm from the south, New Orleans
And ehm, we grew up on UGK and all, ehm, Ghetto Boys
And people been drinkin' syrup for years

Still riding with my devils
Ain't shit changed
Gun to my temple
Sharpen up the blade
Feel the motherfucking phonk like it's '93
Grim reaper in a jeep when i hit the streets
Motherfuckers better hide
Better duck quick
It's the sandman
Better run
Shift back to my old ways, old days
Pill bottles in the cabinet
I can't feel my face

Fuck what they say
Full of drugs
Can't feel my face

Dope in a bag
Brown-yellow rock
They don't know slick
They don't know the block
Tell me what you want?
Tec or the Wok?
Say the world is yours
Got your world in my sock
Hoes tryna fuck
Hoes tryna lock
Eat that bitch's box
Suck my dick and give me top
How could I forget?
Medicating with Gelatto
Car sports model and my gun is semi-auto
Lately trip a lot
Lately sip a lot
Scripts from my doc
Finesse him like a cop


Three houses, 2 cars
I'm a boss
Spent a hunny thou sucking all my snot back
Fucking ducking
That's a small quack
Blowing out a broad's back
I can't fucking cum because my dick is numb and all that
Fall back
I'ma call back (psyche)
Where my dogs at?
Lining up the chalk fat
Yeah, her ass left
But she brought it back
Shawty pointing at that shit
So I bought her that

Fuck what they say
Full of drugs
Can't feel my face
Fuck what they say
Next time they talk
I'ma fuck their face

Reach into my pocket
Yeah, I fucking got it
Oooh that shit was fire like the bottom of a rocket
Blunt full of gossip
Just so I don't vomit
Never play it cautious
Could give a fuck if I lost it
Fuck a 4
Yeah, gimme 30 o's
It's time to fucking go
It's time to fucking go

I can't stop now
What's the point?
I can never calm down